What’s up with U.S. socialists!?

Alice Bach & I are the only socialists running for president & vice president 2016. The only option to voting for us is voting Democrats or not voting at all. There are all different kinds of socialists–including types like Bernie Sanders. Alice & I come from different socialist traditions but we have plenty of agreements on the most important questions & are running to present generally how socialists see things.

We want people to hear how we view the emerging civil rights movement, immigration rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, Palestinian solidarity & BDS, workers’ rights, sweatshop economics, the environment, US-NATO wars. There isn’t a single Democratic candidate that comes close to us in active commitment to justice. Between us, we probably have close to 100 years of activism.

Someone should explain to the way too many US socialists who decline even “liking” our Facebook campaign wall that they don’t have to endorse everything we say but if they want to participate in the US election, we’re the only game in town, the only principled option for socialists.

We aren’t going to win or lose without that support. But with it, we can reach more people in the US with our ideas. It means opening up more venues where Alice & I can address activists, promote social justice, & talk to young people about the possibilities for socialism.
Factional distinctions or splitting hairs on doctrinal matters at such a time is a shabby, politically paltry way of operating if you want to make this world a suitable place for human beings to live & you’re willing to work with anyone to accomplish that. And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

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