What makes the human race worth fighting for

Roma in India- Kamla, Mariam, Zarina, Manissa and Sabnam, Badka (‘The Roma Journeys' (India, 2001), Joakim Eskildsen) Mar 19 2015

The Israeli elections weigh heavy on those who believe strongly in human rights so we need to step back to gain perspective & nourish our spirit with the things that make the human race so worth fighting for.

This magnificent photo is from an album called “The Roma Journeys” taken in India in 2001. Joakim Eskildsen, the photojournalist, traveled to several countries (between 2000 & 2006) including Finland, France, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Russia, India to gain “insight into the life of the Roma & the conditions they face.” The history of Roma always begins with their origins in northern India but few accounts report that many still live there.

Eskildsen said he didn’t know what triggered his interest in the Roma but after spending considerable time with them & getting to know them, the more his interest & affection for them grew.
There’s something very special about young girls at this age. They’re independent, feisty, often lippy, & full of exuberance before the weight of misogyny begins to bear down on them. Their names are Kamla, Mariam, Zarina, Manissa, & Sabnam. They’re in their twenties now. May their lives be blessed in every way.

(Photo by Joakim Eskildsen)

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