What happens if this socialist wins the lottery

The Powerball draw is going to be $1.5 billion this coming Wednesday & I bought myself a two buck ticket. I’m gonna come clean with you. If I win I’ll send all those who like my posts a couple thousand bucks each. But that won’t be till I get back from a long shopping spree in Rome & a vacation in St. Tropez.

Those of you who never like my posts can just hang it up with dreaming for some largesse. I’m a vengeful woman–growing more so as I age. And it’ll be too late to make up for lost “likes.”

What will I do with the $1.4 billion left after my shopping spree? My commitments won’t change, I assure you, but my manner of honoring them will be much lazier–involving mostly a check book. My marching days will be over while I try to finesse my way into the ruling class despite my FBI dossier.