Vote Mary Scully for President

Today the election ordeal will be over. It was historic in so many ways–none of them edifying. We now know the republic is in more trouble than we ever imagined.

Whoever wins, our work remains the same: first & foremost, to stand against US militarism & all foreign military intervention into other countries; to stand with the Black community; with undocumented immigrants; for Indian sovereignty in North Dakota; & for women’s reproductive rights; to stand with the oppressed & persecuted as our own wherever they struggle for justice.

I had hoped to run a more vigorous campaign but that was hard to do without a campaign apparatus. That’s okay because I have been blessed throughout this campaign with the activists I have met, particularly Kashmiris & Rohingya who are involved in momentous struggles against occupation & genocide.

I have three votes that I know of & hope to have some more write-ins tomorrow. It was never about winning the office. What the hell would I do as president of the US? It was about presenting socialist ideas & the conviction that the iron law of social transformation is “an injury to one is an injury to all.”