Vilifying of Black Lives Matter continues by Sanders supporters

The vilifying of Black Lives Matters (BLM) continues despite reports it is under surveillance by the Department of Homeland Security. Disparaged by Sanders & Green Party supporters while they receive backhanded respect from a government that considers them potentially dangerous.

One may disagree with their disruptions & meetings with Democratic politicians like Sanders & Clinton but they are doing what several radical commentators, including Noam Chomsky, have recommended. Chomsky said he was glad Sanders was running because Sanders will push the Democratic Party (DP) to the left & be a “thorn in the side” to Clinton. Others have said Sanders will force the DP to take up issues of inequality & structural racism. Fat chance!

Truth of the matter is BLM activists are naive about the DP–just as naive as Chomsky & other radical commentators. That’s no reason to vilify them. There is no pushing the dead weight of the DP to the left. That’s a well-trodden strategy & the result has always been that those who took that route end up as cynics or hacks who lose their vision of social transformation & start making deals for sinecures & status.