Gerry Adams & anchor baby Donald Trump

Gerry Adams and Donald Trump shake hands in New York in 1995. Photo- The Irish Voice

You can file this under “Who Knew!?” The 1995 photo of Gerry Adams & Donald Trump taken at a NYC fundraising event for Sinn Fein might explain something about the political degeneration of Adams in another case of laying down with dogs & getting up with fleas. Adams had been denied a visa to enter the US until 1994 when then president Bill Clinton approved him for a 48-hour visa. We should have seen it coming.

In the same article we learn that Trump is what he xenophobically & disparagingly calls “an anchor baby,” a child born to an immigrant & constitutionally considered a US citizen. His mother was Mary Anne MacLeod, a Scottish immigrant (in the turn of the century wave of immigration) from the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland.

(Photo from the Irish Voice)