Unflinching courage against police brutality

Ferguson woman in tear gas August 22 2014

Tear gas is raining down on this young woman standing defiantly in the Ferguson street where riot cops & National Guard are violently attempting to deny the Black community their right to assemble & oppose police brutality. This kind of unflinching courage is exactly what the US power structure fears more than anything else in the world. And they fear it because this kind of defiance is the hope of the future & of social transformation.

This young woman along with the Black community of Ferguson are making history & changing the world by ushering in a new civil rights & Black power movement. Don’t let history pass you by; stand with them. Once again, the world you change will be your own.

Our deepest respect to this young woman & our fullest solidarity with the Black community of Ferguson.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images; Olson was one of the several reporters arrested in Ferguson)

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