Unconditional support for self-determination means unconditional

There’s a regrettable & rather sleazy analog in the way people equivocate & neutralize unconditional support for Palestinians & Kashmiris. For Palestinians, they blither-ass about Hamas, as if the political demands of Palestinian self-determination against Israeli colonialism were grievously harmed by the political leadership of a small section of Palestinians. Those who pull this think they’re being foxy when they’re jackasses.

For Kashmiris, they blither-ass about Pakistan, as if the occupation of 700,000 Indian troops was a parity with alleged Pakistani infiltration. Kashmiri demands for self-determination are discredited as Pakistani manipulation & when some Kashmiri protesters wave Pakistani flags the equivocators are certain this is proof positive of their suspicions. Doesn’t self-determination mean Kashmiris, who probably have conflicting views of what they want, have a right to work out allegiances on their own?

Either support for self-determination is unconditional or it’s a ragged tissue of lies, rationalizations, & horse manure.