Valentina Valestockovich, aka Mary Scully, agent of an unknown land out to take over the world for somebody, somewhere, somehow

Came to FB today with a message from a rightwing nationalist: “Mary Scully” your true identity pl…..why are you hiding behind an American Name…?” Wish I could tell him I was Agent 007 representing a secret government from outer space sent to take over the world but Mary Scully is my real name. Though my family has wanted to disown me for my politics many times.

So unglamorous, so pedestrian since every Scully family from Tipperary to Melbourne to the Caribbean to Minnesota has a Mary dedicated to Jesus’ mother. Wouldn’t it be so much more credible if it had a Russian twang like Valentina Valestockovich dedicated to Lenin, but more’s the pity for reality. At least it’s a vast improvement over James Bond Pussy Galore crap.

Far less amusing, the same nationalist took me to task for glorifying Kashmiri & Palestinian Intifada among children & teens & chided their parents for failing to guide them toward righteousness & for putting them in harm’s way. Being a boneheaded rightwing supporter of the occupation in Kashmir, he doesn’t understand that none more than Kashmiri parents deplore, not glorify, that children have youth stolen from them & are placed in harm’s way by live ammo, pellet guns, tear gas, & the loss of family members to torture, rape, disappearance, summary execution.

Valentina Valestockovich, aka Mary Scully, is going to continue reporting about the children of Kashmir until a new generation have their childhood returned to them. So suck it, nationalists.