UN reports between 73,000 to nearly 90,000 Rohingya have fled Burma since August 25th

Rohingya man carrying mother after crossing into Bangladesh (CNN) Sept 5 2017

The UN is reporting that between 73,000 to nearly 90,000 Rohingya have fled Burma into Bangladesh since August 25th with thousands more expected. Another 30,000 Rohingya may be trapped in the mountains of Arakan without food, water, or medicine in an attempt to avoid slaughter by the military & armed civilian death squads.

Those who have crossed the border arrive with bullet wounds, broken bones, life-threatening injuries, respiratory diseases, infections, malnutrition, & are physically exhausted having traveled for days in flight for their lives. All of them are traumatized & terrorized by seeing entire villages torched, family members, friends, & neighbors raped & executed.

Photo is a Rohingya man carrying his mother as they cross into Bangladesh. Consider the enormity of their suffering. Stop the genocide of the Rohingya people. Full solidarity with their struggle for human, democratic, civil, & refugee rights.

(Photo from CNN)