Trump accused of interfering with congressional investigation of his ties to Russia

Now Trump is accused of interfering with the congressional intelligence committee investigating his ties to Russia & compromising its integrity. It’s like he’s on a wrecking operation. Who needs a Manchurian Candidate when you’ve got a Donald Trump?

Isn’t it interesting though that US wars continue without missing a bomb drop with a guy fragmenting before our eyes? How long will they let this go on before they get serious about investigating & impeaching him? He maintains illegal financial entanglements with other countries; unsavory contacts within the Russian oligarchy who appear to be holding something over his head; he is cutting Meals on Wheels & eventually free school meals for poor kids to pay for his family in NYC & weekends at his exclusive resort in Florida; he’s what you call a loose cannon in a job that requires a zipped lip; & his public approval ratings are in the toilet.

The retired CIA & FBI agents, retired military officers & diplomats now leading the US antiwar movement are his biggest advocates, along with people who try to hide their support for him by infantile hating on Clinton & Obama. But the majority of people around the world know exactly what he is & want him out. He was illegally installed against the will of the majority & needs to be legally bounced. The sooner the better.