Tribute to John Berger

John Berger (Ulf Andersen:Getty Images) Jan 2 2016

It’s very sad to hear John Berger died today at the age of 90. He was introduced to me in the late 60s by a Palestinian artist friend & I can barely remember now when his writings were not a part of my life.
He’s been writing since the 50s & was still publishing work this year. My favorites were his books on Picasso, on cubism, on the role of artists in society, on ‘seeing’ animals, & all his books on looking & seeing.

He was unlike any other: always revelatory, visionary, & profoundly humanist. His critiques never sucked the life out of art as so many do but only enriched understanding. He gave us new ways of seeing art but also insight into the very nature of human perception which I have found invaluable in art & in politics.

He was a marvelous writer who I loved but was never nosy enough to learn much about. I honestly know nothing about him personally except he was English, a socialist, & lived somewhere in Switzerland.

May he Rest In Peace. He left an enduring, extraordinary legacy.