Eva Bartlett: the dictator’s guppy

In response to Eva Bartlett & other Assadists who say you cannot have informed opinion on Syria unless you’ve traveled there: I have never been to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Gaza, or any of the countries where the US does or has militarily intervened. That has never stopped me & thousands of others from organizing opposition to all those wars.

The only people who use that argument–like my three brothers who fought in Vietnam–are right-wingers who support US wars. It’s not just nonsense but it’s war-mongering nonsense to claim one has to go to Syria to understand. But if I did go to Syria, it sure as hell wouldn’t be under the aegis of Assad & protected by his army because that would be just too compromising for a committed antiwar activist.

Besides, there are activists & revolutionists in Syria as well as among refugees who oppose not fraternize with dictators & who can be trusted for on the ground reports.