Toya Graham is being used by media

Media is making a celebrity of the mother in Baltimore seen on video assaulting & humiliating her teenage son who is trying to join the protests. She’s already been interviewed & will be on morning talk shows. The clock is ticking on her 15 minutes of fame.

The message is she tried to save her son from becoming an arsonist & looter; responsible parenting is chastening juvenile delinquency; good versus evil. But it’s more good homiletic television; stinking rotten politics.

There are thousands of people protesting in the streets of Baltimore against the barbaric gruesome murder of a young man guilty of nothing. It gives shivers to think of what they did to Freddie Gray to break his spine. Her son has the good sense to know if that violence is not opposed, he could just as well be next. She should be heading out with him, not attacking him in the streets.

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