Those leftists whom the gods would destroy, they first pump full of vanity

It’s been my observation in left politics that ‘those whom the gods would destroy, they first make vain.’ They bury them too early in flattery & applause, treat them as another ‘second-coming’, fill their heads with notions of a special genius most can’t measure up to.

There are undeniably giants in human history, figures who altered the course–for better or worse. But the giants against tyranny possessed the singular gift of mobilizing the genius of masses of people in their own best interests. They worked tirelessly, often thanklessly, often persecuted & shunned, but never daunted. Some of those giants made it into history books; some died anonymously–often in prison cells. Some were schooled, some completely untutored. Humanity owes them all gratitude & honor.

So hold the praise to let actions speak louder than words & recognize the greatest of us is not greater than the least of those who take up the struggle for justice.

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