The world you save will be your own.

Wash. DC rally:solidarity with Ferguson (Gabriella Demczuk:NYT)

There are lots of photos now of Ferguson solidarity rallies around the US. There’s a lot of militance expressed because so many families have lost beloved to police violence. Being a political activist in the Black community can be extremely dangerous because just being a Black teen is so dangerous–& because any time kids get together to play ball or make time with each other or go to the convenience store to get Skittles they’re considered a threatening gang.

This photo is at a solidarity rally in Washington, D.C., where the police department has distinguished itself for the racist treatment of Blacks. There’s something particularly compelling about this young boy with his tee-shirt of Trayvon Martin when you remember that the US war on Black youth is directed at this good looking kid & his peers.

Racism is so pivotal to capitalist rule & military policy they’re willing to destroy this young boy’s life; they socially engineer him out of opportunity, try to maneuver him out of school & into the prison system, vilify him & try to demoralize him with a thousand vicious lies pumped out of universities & think tanks.

This could only happen because Black political leadership (like Al Sharpton) is completely bankrupt & hogtied to the Democratic Party & because whites believe the slanders & ignore that “an injury to one is an injury to all.” And of course, that means everybody is going down together.

It’s long since time for that “old time religion” that understands the mantras of solidarity are not just ceremonial but the iron laws of social transformation.

If there’s a Ferguson solidarity rally in your town, grab a placard & hit the streets. The world you save will be your own.

(Photo by Gabriella Demczuk/NY Times)

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