The White Helmet mannequin challenge

Facebook friends have asked me what I think about this video circulating among Assad supporters which they are calling “the White Helmets caught in a mannequin challenge.’ Some found it quite persuasive in discrediting the White Helmets. To my mind, Assad supporters should be embarrassed to circulate it.

The source of the video is the FB wall of Mimi Al Laham who calls herself Syrian Girl. She has 35,000 followers & has been an ardent Assad supporter for a long time. She lives in Australia but spends a lot of time on the international pro-Assad speaking & media circuit, particularly libertarian media.

If you look at the video, you will see there is no identifying information to prove its veracity as a production of the White Helmets. The very fact that it’s on her FB wall should give serious-minded people pause. If the White Helmets have the kind of political connections they’re accused of, they could certainly come up with a better propaganda production than this. What’s up with that “frozen” clip at the beginning? It’s an insult to their intelligence to try to stick it on them. It’s more Al Laham’s speed.

Al Laham has an active social media presence including her own YouTube channel with frequent posts about Syrian politics. She also discusses US politics & produced a video endorsing Trump for president. To give you an idea of her theoretical approach to politics, she posted this regarding her opposition to Clinton:

“I can’t imagine people still voting for Clinton after her obvious involvement in occult rituals such as spirit cooking sex parties & worship of Moloch which was revealed in March this year, all revealed in Wikileaks emails. New York Times trying to white wash this into some kind of artistic dinner party ignoring all other evidence of the occult hub in the White House. From sacrificing a chicken to moloch, to being involved with a child sex trafficking ring in Haiti while performing a voodoo ritual in Haiti with her husband. Bohemian grove. Clinton & the people around her are satanic & why should we be surprised after all we have seen them do to the nations they destroy?”

If you want to take the word of someone who writes that kind of nonsense, that’s your right in a democratic society but it is an embarrassment to serious discussion of the war in Syria, one of the most momentous political events of this era.