The role of women in Kashmiri resistance to occupation by feminist Ather Zia

Ather Zia article photo

There was a sharp reaction from some who thought the photo of the young Kashmiri women flipping the bird compromised the dignity of Kashmiri women & the Kashmiri struggle. Some went so far as to denounce the photojournalist & the young woman protester.

Young woman are not going to be policed by those who want to restrict their indignation to the ladylike. If they aren’t flipping the bird to your face, they sure as hell are behind your back–not just at occupation but at patriarchy.

Ather Zia, a Kashmiri feminist, has written this valuable article elaborating the role of women in the struggle against the occupation & for self-determination–a role we have witnessed through photojournalism over & over again.