The putrid social hatreds behind Assadism

It’s useful to follow the posts of Assad supporters to understand how they see things. The catastrophic fall of Aleppo, which they exuberantly cheer as liberation, has emboldened some of the Muslim-haters to come out from under their rocks. Their visceral right-wing, racist, & xenophobic impulses come to the fore since they oppose informing themselves by reading anything other than propagandists.

On an anti-refugee post by a popular Assadist who appears to be off his rocker, this was a response which no one took issue with. It has not been edited for spelling or altered in any way except replacing “and” with an ampersand:

“As far as the jihadis are concerned, that issue can be solved by accepting only Syrians & not africans or saudis or egyptians or any other nationality

“Can greece use them as labour in places & works where greek citizens are not willing to work or lack skills. I mean i m sure every country has some specialised skills which other countries dont have, for example iranians make very fine carpets & shawls. I think Greece can harnass the skill of these refugees & put them into economic activities which will help Greece boost its economy. For example, the Syrians can be employed as foreign language teachers or as interpreters for Greek installations in foreign countries etc.”

Not content to leave bad enough alone, she added:

“….I already said to throw back all unnecessary illegal immigrants like africans saudi & any other who is not a syrian. That way the big chunk of these immigrants will go. As (name deleted) himself pointed out that only one in 48 is actually a syrian refugee that means rest are just illegal immigrant whom greece have full right to deport.”

The racism, cruelties, & idiocies speak for themselves.