The Nation magazine & Islamophobia: a regrettable tale

Color me vengeful but over a day ago I commented on The Nation article entitled “Is hijab really a symbol of liberation when millions are oppressed into wearing it?” by a Muslim woman named Arshia Malik. Shades of Asra Nomani. Over 24 hours later & the comment objecting to the article has not been published.

The Nation is seen as a liberal publication but it’s similar in many ways to the Guardian-UK: sometimes it’s liberal, sometimes–especially on issues of Islamophobia & Zionism–it skirts right-wing. To me, it’s always been a bore. I’m no sophisticado but it’s just lowbrow intellectualism & often politically banal.

Katha Pollitt was their resident feminist writer & a few years ago they did publish my comment on one of her Islamophobic articles. I don’t recall now what the exact issue was. The point is, The Nation has a pattern when it comes to Muslims & Palestinians.

I don’t care if they post my comment. It’s not like burning down the library at Alexandria. I’m posting this because their refusal to publish my objection is an editorial choice & one which sides with Islamophobia. That should be noted.