The Military Design by Rollie Mukherjee

Rollie Mukherjee The Military Design Oct 30 2016

“The Military Design” by Rollie Mukherjee depicting the occupation in Kashmir: the brutal siege continues with thousands injured, assaulted, arrested, disappeared. It is a time of requiems & resistance.

“This work,” Rollie said, “is about the traces of the beloved who are gone, disappeared or killed. It tries to evoke a certain sense of loss & confusion, & the intermingling of the reality of the present & memories of the past. These are about marks & wounds which are not external but internal.”

Her description of the work reads .”one can see a camouflage of design created by skulls..skeletons. vertebrates. flowers …………..what is seen visibly as set pattern are the troops…showing kashmir as densely militarized….they are the terror face in the valley……, a network of armed men standing upon the buried skeletons guarding just the land..the projected design in multi-color, camouflages the skulls,..skeletons,. vertebrates………these floral pattern are made to conceal the skeletons ………….actually when u see the painting you don’t recognize the skeletons at 1st sight…… but when u view it from a close proximity….. it reveals…itself…..what is seen visibly as set pattern are the troops.”

Long live Kashmiri Intifada. End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.