The Green Party & militarism

The Green Party isn’t my kind of party for a lot of reasons but it is appealing to many progressives who can see right through the political fraudulence of Bernie Sanders. When Sanders’ light has burned out with his endorsement of the Democratic Party mainliner, many will turn to Jill Stein & the Green Party.

My two primary objections to the GP are its views on US militarism–which are completely compromising, at best–& their views on Israel & Palestine, where they do that Israel vs. Hamas thingy that situates them squarely on the side of Israel–albeit behind a smokescreen of “a pox on both your houses.” These are two big issues requiring a real analysis & I promise we’ll get to it soon.

Many people look at our political objections to Sanders & the GP & say we’re hairsplitters, pedants, looking foolishly for perfection that doesn’t exist. We don’t buy those accusations. We don’t think war, colonialism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing are hairsplitting issues. We consider them the fundamentals of principled politics, of the kind of political program required for social transformation. We’re sticking with solidarity because that’s where justice stands. If you compromise on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, & all the rest, what’s left but small-minded nationalism?