The Democratic Party is a dead-end

When will Democratic Party voters get tired of being played for fools? That may be the question of questions in US politics. Just consider the issue of immigration rights. We’ve been through seven years of being jacked around by Obama where he makes promises he can’t keep for extending rights whilst he is deporting massive numbers back to their home countries & incarcerating thousands, including small children, in barbaric conditions.

Now Hillary Clinton, the very epitome of elitist & sweatshop politics, is trying to pull a fast one on immigration. In June of last year, she said unaccompanied minors from Central America should be deported back home. Last week, she told a group of undocumented high school students she would not only make the same empty promise Obama made to them for citizenship but she would extend the same empty promise to their parents.

It’s one thing for politicians to make promises they won’t keep. That’s the nature of their corruption. But it’s really quite another that people continue to fall for that crap like grasping for lifeboats. Working people need a party of our own that doesn’t look to shysters to save us. It’s no cause for cynicism about US voters. As we saw in the UK elections, things are rotten all over. But humanity has got to figure this leadership problem out & stop chasing every lying-assed & cooing politician. When you think of Hillary Clinton, you should think of Haiti as a sweatshop nation that her family is personally milking for all its worth & that should cure you of all reckless delusions.

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