The Dalai Lama and George Bush

The feudal trappings & homage given to some religious figures don’t appeal to me but they’re not of concern to me. When they start talking politics, that does interest me. Like when Pope Francis remains silent on ethnic cleansing in Gaza while schmoozing with the Israeli president. Or when the Dalai Lama talks about compassion & love for humanity & then pays tribute & hangs out with George W. Bush, the man who lied the US into the Iraq War.

On two occasions now–once in a 2012 interview with Piers Morgan & yesterday at the G.W. Bush presidential center in Dallas, TX–the Dalai Lama expressed personal love for Bush but only “reservations” about his barbaric & murderous war against Iraq.

It was a regular little love-fest yesterday between the Dalai Lama & Bush–a man most of humanity wants prosecuted for the hell he created for the Iraqi people. It’s a slippery slope the Dalai Lama is on: do we personally love Hitler, Stalin, Omar Suleiman (the torturer), Pinochet, Netanyahu, Kissinger, Mubarak, Sisi, et al, & just have “reservations” about their unspeakable crimes? Does criminality on such a scale mean nothing?

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