The continuing farce of PBS news

If you’re having a weak moment & feeling down on yourself, go to the PBS website & check out PBS news. Their news commentators are all expensively educated leading figures of the Fourth Estate. A Stanford or Yale education costs a bundle. And still their parents must have had to kiss a lot of butts & call in a lot of favors to get their dummkopf kids a prestigious job in journalism. All that money spent to educate them down the tubes!

Mumble-mouth David Brooks, the resident expert on Islam who can’t distinguish ISIL from the local imam, is only the worst of them. The rest of them waste those educations on parsing the latest speech from Obama; discussing the latest moronic utterance from Giuliani; & trying to find ways to dance around the snow-job the Obama regime just pulled on undocumented immigrants–getting them to identify themselves & their location to the government on the hope of amnesty, & then getting a federal court to annul Obama’s executive order. Now immigration knows just where to pick them up.

Privilege does not serve society one whit. It only jangles our minds & makes us think we’re stupid when what they say doesn’t make a lick of sense. Down with privilege! But in the meanwhile, use it to buoy your spirits when you’re feeling low.

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