The case for Russophobia

There’s a moral in this story but it’s not clear what that is & it might not be worth the effort of finding out: today I checked a FB friend’s wall to see if he was still alive & found a post about a Russian “lizard sex satellite” floating in space because mission control had lost connection & couldn’t control re-entry.

The satellite was full of geckos having sex & the post said if in a million years earth is invaded by lizards we can blame it on the Russians. Oh lord, I thought, this bozo is even wackier than David Icke, so I deleted his ass. Then I rechecked & it turns out it was an actual news report from 2014 about Russian scientists launching an experimental satellite filled with geckos to learn about animal sex in zero-gravity.

This might make the case for Russophobia. Before it was just Putin & the oligarchs but this suggests a little wariness about the Russkis, or at least its scientists, is in order.