Mary Woodward: the demented Assadist

Assad’s coterie & their guppies are circulating an article titled “Local Syrian Residents Call White Helmets Organ Traders.” Other than the first sentence saying “Since the liberation of eastern Aleppo in the end of 2016 local residents have revealed White Helmets are organ traders,” there isn’t another word about that issue yet the article has been shared on FB nearly 600 times.

It’s posted in a cheesy blog called Syria & written by Miri Wood which is one of several names belonging to a wing-nut named Mary Woodward. She has an inventive, if not also twisted mind & writes lots of this crap dutifully shared all over social media.

Why Woodward has such ardent affinities with Assad’s dictatorship is a matter for psychiatry. Why she lies through her ass has to do with her hate-filled politics. If Assadists want to keep up their schtick about fake news, they might suggest she seek professional help rather than share her demented rubbish.

Posting the article here to shame Assadism: