The baby face of immigration


Lampedusa child immigrant (Tullio M. Puglia:Getty Images) Feb 27 2015

It’s doubtful that many hostile to immigration would hold on to those views if they saw the baby faces of immigration coming across the borders to the US, Europe, & elsewhere–some with parents, some with only mothers, some unaccompanied.

There is so much trauma in leaving children & family to immigrate for work & there are documentaries about the less-than-fairytale endings of families reunited, often where children have resentment from a deep unresolved sense of loss & abandonment. So one can understand why more parents take their children with them on these treacherous journeys & why many of the unaccompanied children come alone to search for their parents.

Here African immigrants are being given rosaries by the priest in a local church in Lampedusa, Italy, the island closest to Tunisia & Libya which immigrants try to reach for the immigration processing center. The immigrant center is five times over capacity. A rosary isn’t going to feed them but it is a gesture of solidarity & humanity & residents of Lampedusa, including the mayor, have more than once expressed that toward the immigrants.

Immigration is a human right! No ifs, ands, or buts.

(Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

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