The assassination of three year-old Burhan Bashir in Kashmir

Burhan Sept 20 2015

This little Kashmiri boy is three year-old Burhan Bashir who was injured in an attack last Friday that killed his father, 38 year-old Bashir Ahmad Bhat. Unknown gunmen–most likely Indian paramilitary assassins–threw a grenade & then fired a volley of bullets at them. The father, a former political militant, was returning from evening prayers & picked up Burhan, a nursery school student, from a shop where he had left him.

Burhan, not realizing he was injured & likely in shock, walked home where his family saw the little guy was bleeding & took him to hospital where he died. He
was buried next to his father today.

We should take a moment to honor this little boy’s memory. May he Rest In Peace. We should also honor the hundreds of thousands of children of Kashmir, Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, & elsewhere, who are paying such a horrific price for neoliberal barbarism.

Those gunmen will likely never be hunted down & prosecuted. That is why we must rebuild the international antiwar movement. One of our chief demands will be “End the brutal Indian occupation of Kashmir!”

Kashmir will be free.

Photo is baby Burhan Bashir.