The anti-semitism of David Icke

You learn a lot of things snooping around on Zionist websites. Kooky things. One link was to David Icke’s website & an article entitled “How the Vatican Created Islam.” The story is reported as coming from an ex-Jesuit priest who heard it from a cardinal in the Vatican. In other words, not the kind of testimony that would hold up in small claims court. What the article lacks in coherence & good sense, not to mention historical accuracy, it more than makes up for in sheer tonnage¬†of words.

Well the irony is that Icke is the master of the meme & produces them by the bushel basket full, including lots of them in support of Palestinians. When you look at his website, you see that Icke is quite an anti-semite, even ferociously so. There’s all that illuminati crap & of course the Rothschild banking family that run the world & even exegeses of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a notoriously fraudulent & anti-semitic document long since discredited for anyone with an ounce of decency.

It would appear Icke is not a committed champion of Palestinian justice but uses the anti-Zionist movement to have a go at Jews. Just like US white supremacist David Duke. In Duke’s defense many claim his racism was a youthful exploration that dead-ended & he’s now on the side of justice & Palestine. Apparently Icke’s explorations haven’t dead-ended yet since he’s still spewing this crap. How about people stop falling for miraculous political transubstantiations? Both these guys are bad news & have no place in a movement for social justice. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan or the Golden Dawn are their natural habitat.

The author of “How the Vatican Created Islam” appears somewhat deranged but it seems Lucifer is mixed up in all the intrigues. The Vatican doesn’t come off looking good in this account since Catholicism is called the “great counterfeit religion”. That means one false religion created a second phony religion. Plots don’t get better than that.

We don’t even want to ask what religion Icke belongs to or what the rituals are but sure as shooting, the idol who is worshipped is the spitting image of David Icke.

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