That tiresome Cornel West-Michael Eric Dyson dispute

Is it only intellectual lowbrows who find the imbroglio between & about Cornel West & Michael Eric Dyson unseemly & narcissistic? It’s all the personal stuff that dominates political campaigns between the two parties. Let the two of them slug it out–but instead everybody under the sun is weighing in like it was a substantive dispute. It’s very telling about people’s politics. It must be said that Malcolm X & Martin Luther King, Jr. were also subjected to severe criticisms but they were too political to get caught up in it.

There’s a war against Black youth going on in this country which for the first time in forty years the media is actually reporting. There’s a new leadership emerging among Blacks that is casting off the compromised old guard. And we’re supposed to give a rat’s ass that West is criticized!? He can take care of himself & duke it out with Dyson. There’s a civil rights movement to build.

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