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The barbarity of European Union immigration policy

African immigrants at Melilla August 13 2014

Undocumented immigration from the four corners of this planet is one of the greatest crises of this generation exposing the wretched underbelly of neoliberal capitalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism. Who can count that high, but there are an estimated 200 million immigrants traveling enormous distances & treacherous routes to find rest & work in the plundering countries.

On the southern US border with Mexico, there is a massive influx of unaccompanied children from Central America, estimated at nearly 60,000 children just in the past ten months. The phenomenon of unaccompanied immigrant children exists on every single of the well-traveled routes: from Zimbabwe, children cross a crocodile-infested river into South Africa; from Afghanistan, they travel in engine compartments of cars to sneak past immigration controls; young people from all over Africa attempt to scale barb wire fences, beaten by Moroccan cops on one side & Spanish cops on the other, to enter the north African enclave of Melilla where they can try to claim refuge in European territory. Israel appears to be the only country African immigrants are trying to escape from because the racist violence is so severe. Some of the immigrants are from places like South Sudan & Congo where Israel has massive investments for plunder.

There’s more rubbish written about these immigrants than a sane mind can grasp. There’s that Indian parable about the blind man trying to determine what an elephant looks like by feeling different parts of the elephant’s body. Most anti-immigration polemicists apparently never make it past the elephant’s ass. US politicians claim the children are associated with drugs & prostitution; some say they’re fleeing from gang violence in their own countries; some claim they’re part of organized crime cartels (when in fact most are too young for US government employment); & there are always the schnooks who claim they’re coming here for welfare benefits like food stamps even though largesse is not a quality of social services in the US. If you’re lucky, you get fifty cents a day for food stamps.

The conduct & policies of European Union border patrols in the Mediterranean region are as criminal as it gets, making the sea a graveyard for thousands of immigrants, with politicians incapable of the higher human emotions trying to cover their crimes with ceremonial crocodile tears. Officials from the Obama regime put on a sad face talking about the humanitarian crisis here & then propose legislation to fast-track deport the kids in violation of every standard of child welfare & sanctuary.

It’s quite observable that children are the primary victims of neoliberal plunder & military policy. Just as the children of Gaza are exposing Israel, the children of Central America & Africa are exposing the plundering countries. Child welfare recognizes no boundaries; human solidarity doesn’t either.

These young men are trying to cross into Spanish territory in north Africa at Melilla where there is a refugee center. We wish them solidarity & Godspeed on their journey.

Open the damn borders! No human being is illegal!

(Photo by Jesus Blasco de Avellaneda/Reuters)

Spanish republicans demand “down with the moochocracy!”

Spain June 5 2014

Someone who lives in the US can’t get all high & mighty about much in politics but at least we don’t have feudalism. There’s a lot of wannabes but no actual lords & ladies & God forbid, kings or queens. So it’s really good to see somebody in Europe doing something about feudalism. Tens of thousands of people protested in several Spanish cities on Monday demanding a vote on whether to keep the moochocracy. It’s not certain why they didn’t just go ahead & bounce that useless institution but the squadrons of riot cops might have been a deterrent.

You wouldn’t think it possible to be more worthless than the British moochocracy, but Spain’s Juan Carlos & his progeny are sure trying to keep pace. Hapless Juan has been in power for 39 years & is credited with the transition from dictatorship under Francisco Franco to democracy & now back to dictatorship under the IMF & EU. As long as the welfare checks keep coming in, Juan doesn’t much care what form of government Spain has.

Worthless Juan abdicated & handed power to his son Felipe who at 46 appears to have done nothing with his life except yacht. Of course, he couldn’t hand power to his daughter since her & her husband are under investigation for corruption. You can’t be issuing royal edicts from a prison cell. That does show the superiority of Spanish feudalism over the English kind because the corruption of the English moochocrats is lauded in English media. It would be unthinkable to prosecute.

Felipe is no prize package–we’ll soon find that out–but he isn’t yet marked with the toxic miasma his father emits. This is the second abdication in Europe in just a year or so; last year, Betty of the Netherlands abdicated to her son, Willy. Some fools speculate Betty Windsor might soon abdicate to Chuckles, but not those who run the stock markets. They know stock markets would tremble & many might even collapse just at the suggestion. Chuckles will be sitting tight for quite a while.

This is an anti-monarchist protest in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol Square following Juan’s abdication. England take heed!

(Photo by Juan Medina/Reuters)