Suicide rates soar among oppressed youth around the world

The resistance of the oppressed must surely be hell on earth, especially when the persecution is unremitting & if they stand alone without international solidarity for decades on end–like Palestinians & Kashmiris. There is another side to Intifada that receives too little attention but highlights the absolute imperative of building active solidarity.

In both Gaza & Kashmir, suicide rates among the young are soaring & appear to be directly related to the political conditions. It would actually be idiotic to suggest otherwise.

It’s very much to the point that suicide rates among Black teens in the US are also dramatically rising. It has long been epidemic among Native American teens. Latino teens may have a lower rate of suicide but they have a higher rate of playing with the idea & higher reported rates of feeling sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness.

This is not the world our children deserve. We have to mobilize the big battalions of international solidarity.