Standardized tests are a weapon of mass destruction for public education

It’s not easy figuring out the full story behind the cheating scandal of Atlanta teachers on the standardized tests. Even without all the facts, I do understand that charging them with the RICO statute used for organized crime & racketeering & sending them to prison for years is a mockery of justice.

Those standardized tests, which are a mockery of education, are being defied & denounced across this country by teachers & parents fed up with their tyranny. They are part of the “No Child Left Behind” program which is a weapon of mass destruction lobbed at public education.

I’m going to hazard a guess–call it playing the “race card”–but that pompous-assed white judge would likely not have thrown the book at the accused teachers if they weren’t Black. If the US government weren’t systematically attempting to re-segregate, undermine & destroy public education, “cheating” (or helping their students) would not be necessary.

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