Special forces & mercenaries are not freedom fighters no matter which army they fight for

Why does it seem that many Assad supporters are aggressively promoting Trump? Pepe Escobar is frivolous about politics so that makes sense from him but not from those who are actually progressive. Why does their animosity for Clinton include so little political critique & so much spite?

On the contrary, why do so many Assad opponents campaign for Clinton who has a proven record of supporting monstrous wars of never-ending barbarism? Like in Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya–& yes, Iraq.

It’s not just the vicious cycle & banalities of lesser evil politics. It isn’t just a competition between the deluded on both sides over whether Russian, Syrian, or US bombers dominate in Syria. When you get right down to it, it’s a conviction shared by both sides that militarism is the answer to acute social conflict, that bombing is a form of freedom fighting, that special forces & mercenaries are freedom fighters if they’re doing their dirty work for the side you’re on.