Raunch & woman-hating are part of culture

Donald Trump is a racist, woman-hating slime-ball who could only be considered a political leader in the barbaric phase of capitalism. But many are old enough to remember the sex scandals in the presidency of John Kennedy & Bill Clinton or Kissinger mocking the advantages of power for getting sex. He called power an aphrodisiac but didn’t mention that much of it involves prostitution & sexual assault.

But who’s kidding who? Raunch permeates culture not just among the powerful & not just in the US. Porn, strip clubs, bachelor parties, pedophilia, the glorification of prostitution are ubiquitous & multi-billion dollar industries. Some of this is even justified by obtuse currents of feminism. That’s why there’s such a widespread problem with sexual harassment, assault, & rape starting in the teens. It’s winked at as a boys-will-be-boys thing.

It’s not part of most people’s upbringing but if you spend time in the US military or all-male environments, you can bet your sweet ass that the filth pouring out of Trump’s mouth is as familiar as the ABCs. That’s another of the detestable aspects of militarism.

This is not a defense of that twisted sick-assed blowhard–but enough with the media commentators who pretend they’ve never heard such raunch. It’s in the culture, stupid! I avoid it like the plague because I detest the objectification of women. Working in an all-male environment taught me how to bully the crap out of harassers. But please, let’s not pretend his woman-hating crap comes as a surprise