Solidarity with Aleppo grows

Children in Aleppo REUTERS:Abdalrhman Ismail) Dec 14 2016

These little kids in east Aleppo are fleeing deeper into the remaining ‘rebel-held’ area of east Aleppo. They won’t know that at long last, & maybe too late for Aleppo, the forces of international solidarity are being roused.

There have been solidarity rallies in Stockholm, Malmo, & Gothenburg, Sweden; Gaziantep & Istanbul, Turkey; Amman, Jordan; Liverpool, London, & Bradford, UK; Sydney & Melbourne, Australia; Karachi & Lahore, Pakistan; Copenhagen, Denmark; Paris; Sarajevo; Gaza; Luxembourg; Ireland; Hamburg & Aarhus, Germany; Boston, McAllen, TX, Washington DC, & NYC, US; Kuwait; Scotland; Greece; different parts of Syria; Amsterdam; Brussels; Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(Photo by Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters)