Solidarity rallies in Kashmir in solidarity with Gaza

Kashmir solidarity with Gaza protest July 14 2014

In the past week, there have been several Palestinian solidarity rallies in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The conflict between India & Kashmir results from the British colonial partition when it gave up colonial control of South Asia in 1947. The occupation by the Indian military is every bit as brutal & relentless as the British colonial arrangement with Zionism in 1947 that led to Israeli apartheid & Palestinian bantustates.

The resistance among Kashmiri youth has been called intifada because of it’s similarities to Palestinan political resistance. As we can see from these photos, Kashmiri solidarity with Gaza is rooted in their own struggle against occupation & their heartfelt, blood-soaked understanding of injustice, persecution, & social hatred.

Our solidarity with the Kashmiri freedom movement who also stand with Gaza. Stop the massacre in Gaza! End the occupation of Kashmir!

(This photo from INn AMm)

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