Solidarity between Palestinian & Irish political prisoners

Bobby Sands in memorial mural along Falls Road, Belfast

Solidarity is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It is not an act of noblesse oblige but the iron law of social transformation. It can change the world.

Someone shared this extraordinary document in a post about Bobby Sands & the 1981 hunger strikers in Northern Ireland. It is a solidarity statement smuggled out of Israel’s Nafha prison from Palestinian political prisoners to the hunger strikers who were Irish political prisoners in Long Kesh prison near Belfast.

Margaret Thatcher ruthlessly allowed ten prisoners, including Sands, to die before the strike was ended. One-hundred thousand people attended his funeral.

We honor all political prisoners, including Mumia Abu Jamal in the US, for their contribution to the struggle for democracy & human rights.

(Photo is a memorial mural of Bobby Sands in Belfast.)