Lately I’ve been getting a ration of you-know-what for being intransigent, intolerant, over-scrupulous, negative, & without compassion. Criticism comes with the territory when you’re an opinionated woman so I’m not complaining. Though to be frank, it gets tedious. But if I fell apart every time someone got in my face, I’d be in an asylum by now.

Let me just say, the times do not call for sentimentality or playing footsies with harsh reality or for beating around the bush with euphemisms. If we’re going to figure out what the hell to do to end the terrible human suffering, we need to be ruthless in assessing & facing up to what is actually going on.

Wouldn’t we all love to be the bearer of good news, waking up every morning singing the Hallelujah chorus, but the world has more than enough doing the Panglossian thing.

It isn’t wallowing in negativity to be a social critic. It’s the way you learn, through discussion, how to work with others to make this world a suitable place to live.