So many haters on social media

So many nationalists hating on Kashmiris have not endeared themselves-mostly for abusing the memory of young Sajad Hassan, but also for taking up my time forcing me to block their asses because they aren’t suitable for civilized discussion.

The ignorance & stupidity of nationalists, Assadists, Muslim & Jewish haters, women haters, war-mongers, Putin & Trump supporters, racists & white supremacists, misanthropes who hate on Dem-libs, is only matched by their ineptitude with language. Hate has never been good with words. Grunts, guttural rumblings, verbal drooling, nasal snorting & sniffling, abusive epithets, talking through their asses, do not make for pleasant exchanges but it’s all the unfortunate & detestable are capable of. Pity them, pray for their rotten souls, but why put up with them?

What they get out of interfering with our requiems & impugning a young man shot walking down the road (or rescue workers & small children) isn’t apparent to human beings who respect & care about others. That’s for psychologists of the abnormal & of fascist derangement to figure out.

If any haters have been missed, please let me know so they too can be dispatched to Facebook hell with all the other haters.