Rohingya activist Mohammed Imran reports on refugee crisis from Myanmar genocide

Rohingya from Imran's album Jan 4 2016

This is a report from Mohammed Imran who is an elected representative at a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh:

Kutupalong, Ukhiya,01, January 2017.
Rohingya Refugee Survives Under Hardship

By Mohammed Imran

The UNHCR says that approximately 45,000 Rohingya people have taken shelter in Bangladesh since October alone. They fled from Myanmar to escape state-sponsored persecution. The government of Myanmar has designed a systematic plan to eliminate Rohingya Muslims from the country.

Habiba Khatun is a 50-year-old unregistered refugee who lives in the Kutupalong makeshift camp in Bangladesh. She lost her husband in October during a military crackdown in Myanmar. She has three children but none of them go to school. She is the only provider for her family. Every morning, she must go to the forest to collect firewood. She walks there in the morning and returns in the evening to sell the firewood in the market in order to provide food for herself and her three children. They must go to the forest with her to collect firewood. “We are living a miserable and vulnerable life without any humanitarian support,” she told. She left Myanmar when her land was confiscated and her house was burnt down by the government authorities.