Robert Parry, editor of putrid Consortium News, dies

Robert Parry, the editor of Consortium News, died yesterday. He had been a reporter for mainstream media since the 1970s & received many awards for investigative journalism, as recently as 2015 from Harvard University. He’s of my generation but quite frankly I was not familiar with his reporting until Consortium News became a leading journal of putrid Assadist propaganda, Putin apologetics, & deep state, “new McCarthyism” conspiracy thinking.

Parry is of a type, very like Chris Hedges, who most of their lives worked within the status quo of journalism but late in life became born-again gurus to libertarians moving so far to the right that you can’t tell them from Fox News. The “retired” CIA, FBI, & military officers who now lead the corrupt antiwar movement are all writing eulogies to Parry as a principled journalist. Those who support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians wouldn’t know a political principle if it came up & bit them in the ass. It’s too bad Parry died early in life–at least before he could correct the monstrous mistakes & compromises he made in supporting dictatorship & counterrevolution in Syria & repressive government in Russia. May he RIP. Hopefully we can also write the obituary for Consortium News.