Parsing false distinctions for who blows up or bombs civilians

Pakistani journalist Usman A Khan Tahir on the suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan:

“Pakistanis on killings in Afghanistan:

Haram massacre = If a large number of Afghan civilians are killed by US airstrikes; leads to strong condemnations.

Halal massacre = If a large number of Afghan civilians are killed by Taliban; leads to strong whataboutery, justifications and whitewashing.”
It can only be added with the greatest condemnation that the exact same rationale is offered by the corrupted antiwar movement for Syrian & Russian bombing whilst they condemn US-coalition bombing of civilians in Syria. Some who oppose Assad share the same fatal political fallacy by condemning Syrian & Russian bombing but hoping the US-coalition will disconnect from the counterrevolution & bomb civilians to defeat Assad. At this point in history, anyone who looks to bombers & special forces for liberation proves themselves of no use whatsoever in politics except to serve militarism & the most reactionary forces in world politics.

The only principled politics demand the end of bombing civilians for any reason whatsoever. Syrian revolutionists, Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, & other oppressed peoples would not be in a stronger position with bombers & special forces. What their struggles demand is international active support to bring the violence against them to a decisive defeat.