Robert Fisk is an Islamophobic ass

The only explanation for the respect given the journalism of Robert Fisk on Middle East politics is a profound cognitive disorder which has not yet been classified in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That’s a good thing because it cannot come out flattering.

Fisk is an ass–& an ass of a special breed. He profoundly disrespects Arabs & Muslims & to cultivate this detestable quality became a journalist covering the Middle East so he could poison the rest of us about Arabs & Muslims.

As east Aleppo sustains retribution by the Syrian Army, Fisk (who was embedded with the Syrian Army) published an article titled “There is more than one truth to tell in the terrible story of Aleppo.” Fares Shehabi, the Assad official in Aleppo, liked it so much he posted it on social media.

Fisk is trying to play both sides of the street–just like the Hands Off Syria Coalition that is touring Assad propagandist Eva Bartlett. But when it comes to dictatorship, carpet bombing of civilians, retributive violence against civilians, there is only one side for those who stand with the oppressed. There are no tolerable equivocations, no ‘yes buts.’

Our deepest regrets that international antiwar forces have been disoriented & misled & to now have proven unable to organize massive, public support for our brothers & sisters in east Aleppo & elsewhere.