Misanthropy & cynicism are worst possible response to apocalypse in east Aleppo

So many people are responding to the apocalypse in east Aleppo by saying the world stood by in silence, humanity has failed. Misanthropy & cynicism are the worst possible response to this horror.

The overwhelming majority of people in the world are confused about Syria because the regimes involved have deliberately lied & obfuscated. Media reporting hasn’t just been dissemblance but half-assed because it’s not certain reporters & editors understand what’s going on either.

Assad propagandists, including Russian-owned media & libertarian bloggers, have played the ignorant, those secretly disposed to Muslim-hating, & political forces in advanced decay like a fiddle so some of them now sincerely believe bombing civilians is a freedom struggle. You can’t argue with that kind of cognition disorder.

As witnesses to the killing fields in east Aleppo, we must use our anger & sorrow to educate those who don’t have time to plow through mountains of information to find the truth. We have to look for ways to rebuild antiwar opposition to all foreign intervention in Syria.

Misanthropy & cynicism are cop-outs that lead to the worthless conclusion that humanity is dead, fascism has triumphed, justice isn’t worth fighting for because human beings are crap anyway.

The international antiwar movement has to be rebuilt. It isn’t all over in Syria. That’s the most important conclusion to be drawn from east Aleppo