Robert De Niro is a champion of Israeli apartheid

For a long while different memes have circulated showing photos of Robert De Niro with quotes condemning Israeli apartheid. They’re entirely fabricated, lying-assed things & whoever produces them should be held suspect–or at least in contempt. Palestinian solidarity only requires the ugly truth, not deceit.

De Niro is in fact a bold-faced, ardent supporter of Israel & a regular on the Hollywood pro-Israel circuit of fundraisers & private dinners with Netanyahu. He’s also a regular on the Democratic Party celebrity circuit. He often plays antisocial characters, which may not be far removed from type, & has never exhibited an iota of political rebellion against the status quo.

He’s the Vietnam War generation & I don’t recall a single instance when he spoke out against one of the endless US wars of the past 50 years. So when he takes a public & laudatory stand with Israeli apartheid, you get a measure of his politics. They stink. So stop the memes.