Racist harassment increase after Trump election; so do protests against them

Incidents of racist harassment since the Trump election matter. So do the massive protests against the emergence of such politics in the US.

The violence against the Black community has been going on under the guise of the war on drugs since at least the 1980s. The prisons are full of Black & Latino kids for minor offenses. Racist incidents did not just erupt on November 9th.

When the OJ Simpson verdict came down October 3rd, 1995, media began a vitriolic campaign claiming “racial polarization” after the verdict meant Blacks & whites could not be reconciled. White racists were emboldened & felt confident joining the media chorus, shaking their heads housing their pea brains & denouncing Blacks. It was a terrifying thing to be surrounded by.

Serendipitously, on October 16th, there was a Million Man March organized by civil rights organizations in Washington, DC where nearly that number of Blacks from around the US came to protest around a rather conservative agenda. It wasn’t just men but included women & youth.

The media croaking & the accompanying chorus of pea brains stopped on a dime. No exaggeration.

Political power is a mighty force, a daunting force that can drive racism back under its rock–just like the civil rights movement of the 1960s did.

If you’re panicked about those racist incidents, start organizing against them.