Racism is a venomous cesspool

Racism is profoundly irrational, taking human consciousness to a place akin to hell where hatred & fear create a cesspool of venom. It’s scary stuff & leads to monstrous crimes. Before the US civil rights movement in the 1960s, it was embedded in the culture. It still is, but is more discreetly expressed, even if less venomous.

Often, on Zionist walls on Facebook, you can see that same kind of stuff we know so well from KKK rantings. It makes you feel ashamed, as if you came acrosssomeone in the act of violence.

On Donovan’s wall, many Palestinian supporters thanked him for canceling his concert in Israel. Apparently some Israel supporters thought Donovan was Irish (he is Scottish) & unleashed not only racist vituperations against Palestinians but against the Irish. It’s so politically amiss to demonize supporters of Israel because we hope to win them over. But some of them will always remain lost causes & you know that by the strength of their hatred. They won’t be coming back from the brink of hell. Teaching hatred is the crying shame of Zionism.

This is one comment directed at me which illustrates why Palestinian supporters, whose cause is justice, should always use the language of justice & not of social hatred: “Mary Scully YOU are Irish. So haul your ass back to Ireland but before you go, please give every effing penny you scraped to the tribes of America that you stain with your ignorance for native people. Get on you knees & beg forgiveness for the beatings & beard burnings committed by your grandparents against Jews. Explode yourself in an Irish pub & kill a few.”

Just as a postscript, I’m no more Irish than Jews are Israelis. My ancestry left Ireland & Germany a long time ago. It’s been a long time since Tipperrary.