Pro-war feminism is blunted, debased, amoral

The division among feminists on the issue of war became most acute during the US-NATO war against Afghanistan when the US Pentagon used women’s rights & Islamophobia to justify that war.

It’s no coincidence that many of the most ardent pro-war feminists are also Zionists. That’s not a baseless charge since if you know the feminists promoting war you can verify their Zionism quite easily since they are outspoken about it.

Antiwar feminists have always linked women’s rights to opposition to war because women & children suffer so massively & so unspeakably in every war without exception. Feminist activists organized women’s contingents at every antiwar protest to make those political links clear. Anita Bennett was a central leader in organizing some of the biggest women’s antiwar contingents & is a hero of mine to this day for her outstanding work.

No one would be so small-minded as to shun pro-war women as not genuine feminists. But let us speak frankly: if you support US wars justified by women’s rights & Islamophobia & if you support Clinton because she is a woman, regardless of her war-mongering, your feminism is blunted, debased, amoral.